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Disaster has left Levi’s once mighty Court of Metal in shambles, and he is now besieged from every side. Word has spread about his weakened state, which emboldens enemies from both without and within. In a mad scramble for survival, he must deal with both the other dark mages inside Malgrave as well as a lurking threat from the north.


At the same time, Eve faces a struggle of her own. She should know what the right path is, but after everything that has happened, she is no longer so sure. Torn between her head and her heart, she tries desperately to walk the line between good and evil without fully choosing side. But some decisions cannot be unmade. And some consequences are irreversible.


Levi and Eve are from two completely separate worlds that are impossible to unite. Is there any hope for their relationship? Or will the chasm between them remain forever unbridgeable?


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A shocking revelation has left Eve reeling. With her worldview irrevocably altered, she finds herself with a decision to make. What price is she willing to pay for revenge? While it is a gruesomely satisfying goal, the path of vengeance would require her to dig two graves. One for her target. And one for the person she used to be.

Levi's nonexistent morals, however, have never changed. He is dead set on bringing Malgrave to its knees and forcing the democratic north side to formally cede the south to him. But now he has two goals. Complete domination. And Eve.

The two of them find themselves in a fight with the stakes of a lifetime. And the winner takes it all. Revenge. Power. Freedom. Love. Levi and Eve want it all. To get it, they will need to descend into darkness. And once inside that bloodstained abyss, there will be no way back. It is time to choose a side. Hero. Or villain. Because only one side will get their happily ever after.


Coming December 27th

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