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A Storm of Mist and Thunder

Book 5 in The Oncoming Storm series
Coming December 28th 2020
Fantasy novel A Storm of Mist and Thunde

Marion Blackwood is the award-winning author of the fantasy series The Oncoming Storm. She has a Master’s Degree in English and History Education and doubles as a high school teacher when the sun is up. Well, sometimes, also when the sun is down. When she’s not busy writing fantasy novels or telling teenagers what to do, she reads, binges shows, and loses at video games. Marion has previously lived in the US and China, but now she once again calls the long, tree-covered country of Sweden home.


A Storm of Silver and Ash

(The Oncoming Storm, #1)

A Storm of Shadows and Pearls

(The Oncoming Storm, #2)

A Storm of Smoke and Flame

(The Oncoming Storm, # 3)

A Storm of Glass and Stars

(The Oncoming Storm, # 4)

A Storm of Mist and Thunder

(The Oncoming Storm, # 5)

what readers are saying

"I fell in love with this book immediately! Anyone who’s read Throne of Glass or Six of Crows will connect with Storm and the plot of this book right away."

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