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A Storm of Blood and Swords

Fantasy novel A Storm of Blood and Swords by Marion Blackwood.png

What is more important to you? Wealth? Peace? Freedom?

With her powers finally under control, the Oncoming Storm returns to Pernula. But not everything is as she left it. There is a new King of the Underworld and he is out for blood. And submission. The Oncoming Storm has no intention of bending the knee to anyone but she is still reluctant to enter yet another power struggle.

However, not getting involved turns out to be impossible when her enemy can turn every single underworlder against her. Staying on the sidelines has always been the way she survives, but now the Oncoming Storm might have to step out of the shadows and become something else. A leader.

In this fight, the Oncoming Storm will have to draw on everything she has. Skills, wits, friends, and old contacts. And maybe a wicked knife or two. She is determined to win this battle by herself, but her enemy has the Underworld in an iron grip and breaking it on her own sounds more like a desperate dream. Maybe it is time to accept that sometimes, even an arrogant selfish thief must bow to someone?


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