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A Storm of Glass and Stars

Fantasy novel A Storm of Glass and Stars by Marion Blackwood.png

What could you learn to live without?
Your heart? Your mind? Your soul?

Having lost her purpose in life, the Oncoming Storm leaves behind everything and everyone she has ever known, and takes off across the continent. But there is one thing from which she can’t run. Trouble. When Shade and Elaran track her down, she manages to get them all captured by the star elves.

During their stay in the star elves’ capital, the Oncoming Storm must learn to navigate a world far outside her comfort zone: court life. With no frame of reference to go by, she desperately scrambles to keep up appearances while also trying to find a way out. But nothing is quite as straightforward as it first seems.

When secrets about herself and the world around her are revealed, she is forced to question whether the star elves really are the bad guys. It might actually be someone else entirely. Namely, the Oncoming Storm herself. Can she figure out the truth before she gets her friends killed? Or will she lose herself in the darkness first?


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Are you looking for the bonus scene at the end of A Storm of Glass and Stars? You can find it here:

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