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A Storm of Light and Darkness

Fantasy novel A Storm of Light and Darkness by Marion Blackwood.png

What would you do to protect everyone you love? Anything. Everything. Whatever it takes.

The final battle is here. With the star elves marching on Pernula, the Oncoming Storm and her friends must gather their allies and make one last stand. But it won’t be easy. Their enemies have legions of soldiers, chemical weapons, and a powerful magic spell on their side. Not to mention a dragon. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat will be costly, and should they fail, everyone they love will suffer.

For most of her life, the Oncoming Storm has only opened her cold black heart to very few people. But now after all her adventures and everything she has been through, she has found friends and family all across the world who she would do anything to protect. The only problem is that in war, people are bound to die and get hurt. Fear gnaws at her soul, because even with her considerable powers, the Oncoming Storm knows that she might not be enough to protect everyone she loves.

Every weapon will count, every ally will be vital, every skill will be used, and every single card will be played before the end. But will it be enough? And who will be left standing when the streets are running red with blood? Because the war will end. One way or another. But not everyone will be there to see a new world born…


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