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A Storm of Mist and Thunder

Fantasy novel A Storm of Mist and Thunder by Marion Blackwood.png

What would you be prepared to face in order to win? Ambushers? An invading army? Your own inner demons?

Deep in the mountains, the Oncoming Storm finally finds the other Storm Casters. However, learning to control her powers turns out to be more difficult than she expected. In order to improve, she needs someone to train her but that comes at a cost.

On the other side of the continent, the stars elves are marching. When they threaten to take over one of the only unoccupied cities left, the Oncoming Storm gets an offer she can’t refuse: rescue an important advisor and she will get the Storm Caster teacher she sorely needs.

Outnumbered and up against an enemy who will stop at nothing, the Oncoming Storm and her friends are fighting a losing battle. If they fail, one of the last free cities will fall and the Oncoming Storm will lose her chance to master her powers. Can they outsmart the invaders before it’s too late?


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Are you looking for the bonus scene at the end of A Storm of Mist and Thunder? You can find it here:

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