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A Storm of Smoke and Flame

Fantasy novel A Storm of Smoke and Flame by Marion Blackwood.png

What would you do to protect your home? Lie? Manipulate? Kill?

War awaits across the sea. In order to ensure their survival, the Oncoming Storm and a band of misfits set sail for the land beyond the horizon. In a country where the power structure is as strange as the language, their desperate mission to secure a lasting peace will take them on a journey through halls of power and dark back alleys alike. Trusting the wrong person could get them all killed, but without help from the locals they have no chance of succeeding. They can only hope that they have placed their faith in the right people.

In addition to the constant outside threats, tensions also run high within the group. Working together turns out to be far harder than anticipated, and cracks form in the bonds between them as personalities clash and weapons are drawn. Relationships will be tested and strained to the breaking point when a surprise betrayal forces secrets long buried into the light.

The deck is stacked against them and hidden threats lurk around every corner. Can they accomplish their mission despite the overwhelming odds? Or will they end up killing each other instead?


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Are you looking for the bonus scene at the end of A Storm of Smoke and Flame? You can find it here:

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