BOOKS: Court of Elves

The Traitor Spy
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Blackmail always seems like a good idea… until you are cornered by an elven prince.

The elven Court of Stone has many spies, and Kenna is one of its most prized ones. Being a half-elf, she is skilled, dangerous, and beautiful. She’s also a traitor. Desperately yearning for freedom, she blackmails people for ransom behind the back of the elven prince who holds her leash. But one day, she takes it too far. When she accidentally goes after someone from a neighboring court, she is cornered by its prince. The feared Prince of Shadows gives her an ultimatum: spy for him on her own court or her master will learn of her illegal activities.

At the same time, a legendary weapon resurfaces that Kenna has to find for the Prince of Stone. But when things don’t go according to plan, he discovers that there is a traitor in their midst and calls in his most trusted spy to root out the hidden enemy. Kenna now has to maneuver between two lethal elven princes, a ruthless spy turned traitor hunter, and a mission to seduce an unwitting member of a third court before a magical dagger is used to kill the King of Elves. All while still trying to blackmail her way to freedom.

Death awaits her on all sides should she fail. Will she survive this dangerous game? Or will her head–and her heart–lead her straight to ruination?


The Wicked Betrayal

After the events surrounding the Dagger of Orias, Kenna believes that her circumstances could not possibly get any worse. But fortune is a cruel mistress. Unexpected betrayal throws her life into turmoil, and while she is still trying to recover from the shock, she also has to somehow come up with a plan to save her life.

The idea is simple. And dangerous beyond belief. In order to get out of the desperate situation she has ended up in, Kenna is going to take on Mordren Darkbringer. But the Prince of Shadows is not new to this game. He is a skilled opponent who is known for his ability to bring his enemies to their knees, and he would like nothing better than to make Kenna surrender to him.

With her whole future on the line, Kenna has to pull off the scheme of her life or lose everything she has ever worked for. Who will win when a blackmailer spy goes head to head with a lethal elven prince?


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The Beautiful Liar
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After her showdown with Mordren Darkbringer, Kenna’s life has gotten even more complicated and dangerous. It certainly doesn’t help that the tenuous peace between the courts is threatened by an upcoming tournament in the Court of Fire. Old rivalries between the elven princes flare up as a result of it, and anyone who gets too close risks getting burned.

In the middle of this rising tension, Kenna has to try and figure out how she fits into it all. But in a world where everyone has a secret agenda, trust is scarce, and one wrong move can have disastrous consequences. So when Kenna is approached with a proposition that is both intriguing and highly lucrative, she grudgingly joins forces with the Prince of Shadows. Keep your enemies close, and all that.

Can Kenna and Mordren set aside their differences long enough to accomplish their mission? Or will their heated emotions ruin a shot at revenge and set their whole world ablaze?

The Fire Soul

The Court of Fire has always been a difficult place to navigate, and with the High Elves plotting in the shadows, it becomes even more dangerous. Securing allies and sabotaging enemies is at the heart of Kenna’s mission when she tries to wrest back control of the situation. But it is not an easy task.

In addition to handling the dangers of her job, Kenna also has to deal with both old and new relationships. Shifting power dynamics put a strain on some connections while others start to grow. However, the intense situation takes its toll on Kenna.

Pushed to the limit, she has to use every smidgen of her strength to hold off her adversaries and finish her mission. But it is a race against the clock. Can she make her insane scheme work before her enemies manage to break her?


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The Lethal Deception
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Ever since the High Elves landed on the coast, they have insisted that they are solely there to establish diplomatic relations, but the underlying threat of their presence has been felt throughout the lands. Danger lurks around every corner, and all it would take is one spark to ignite a war.

Groups who worship the High Elves as gods are spreading quickly through the courts, and with no easy way to deal with them, Kenna and the others find themselves in the middle of what looks an awful lot like an invasion. In this politically precarious landscape, Kenna’s circumstances rapidly worsen as enemies start appearing from both without and within.

When push comes to shove, there might not be a way to defuse the situation. How can Kenna and her friends keep each other safe when there are no good options left?


The Desperate Gamble

A crucial mission forces Kenna and her allies into a highly unpredictable and dangerous environment. In order to save their home, they will have to navigate a culture they do not understand and trust people who have no reason to help them. But without assistance, they will never succeed.


Thrust into a desperate plot, Kenna and her friends will have to rely on each other more than ever. However, with every increasingly risky situation, long-held secrets threaten to spill into the light. The truth might irrevocably alter relationships, but holding on to the lie could mean their deaths.


With the fate of their entire homeland on their shoulders, they will have to risk it all to make their scheme work. But betrayal and secrets lurk around every corner. Can they keep their friendships intact while they carry out this impossible mission? Or will some bonds change forever?

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The Last Stand
Fantasy book The Last Stand by Marion Blackwood.png

Kenna's desperate gamble did not turn out the way she had expected, leaving her and her friends to face High Commander Anron alone. Against his legion, they are outnumbered and outmatched. Not to mention that their courts have been taken over and most of the magic-wielding elves in their lands are still kept in shackles. First, Kenna will have to find a way to break the bracelets that block their magic. And then, the final battle can begin.


To succeed, they will have to come up with the scheme of a lifetime. Loyalties will be tested, secrets unearthed, and promises broken. Before the war is over, some relationships will be strengthened while others will shatter completely. Can Kenna and her allies go up against Anron and his godlike High Elves and still come out unscathed on the other side?


The story ends here. With one last stand.