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Merciless Villains

Fantasy romance book Merciless Villains by Marion Blackwood.png

While Audrey and Callan were busy trying to persuade the King of Metal to help them, Chancellor Quill and the rest of his parliament were already making their moves. Faced with overwhelming odds, the dark mages will have to use every trick and every scheme that they can conjure in order to stand a chance.

However, one of the good things about being a dark mage is that there are no limitations. No rules. And no morals. To win this war, Callan and Audrey and the rest of their allies plan to fight dirty. Nothing is too ruthless, too wicked, when their power and freedom are on the line. The only problem is of course that dark mages are not used to working together with others, and one mistake could doom them all.

Trust is scarce. Relationships barely formed are easily broken. And the entire might of Eldar, along with a Binder, awaits them on the other side of the battlefield. Can Audrey and Callan go up against them and walk away victorious? Or do ruthless villains like them simply not get a happily ever after?


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