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Ruthless Enemy

Spicy fantasy romance book Ruthless Enemy by Marion Blackwood.png

The mission is simple. Do not fall for the enemy.

All her life, Eve Sterling has hated dark mages. They are arrogant, domineering, and will do anything to get what they want. Due to their immense power, they have been able to carve out their own kingdoms on the south side of the city, where they fight each other for dominance. Ordinary people are expected to bow down or face the consequences. But Eve refuses to accept their rule.

Levi Arden is one of those dark mages. As a metal mage, he has used his powers and his cunning mind to take control of a large part of the lawless south side. And his ambition doesn’t stop there. He plans to rule it all someday. But he faces great resistance from both the other dark mages and from the democratic northern side who wants to reclaim their city.

When a new threat to Levi appears, there is only one person who can help him dismantle it. Eve. But working together will not be easy. Levi is used to complete obedience from his people, but Eve will instead do anything she can to mess with his plans. However, as they spend more time together, complicated feelings arise and previously held certainties are turned on their head. Can the two ruthless enemies stay true to their separate missions? Or will their changing hearts doom them both?



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