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Ruthless Villains

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The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. It is the person whose heart I want to cut out.

In a world where magic is distributed equally, there are some people who refuse to share their power. Dark mages. Lethal. Selfish. And utterly without morals.

Audrey Sable is one of them. As a poison mage, she can bring men to their knees with a flick of her wrist. But the man she really wants to kill will not go down so easily. Callan Blackwell is also a powerful dark mage, and he would like nothing better than to see Audrey beg for mercy at his feet. But their hatred for one another will have to wait.

When the heroic champions of equality prepare to launch an attack that will wipe out the remaining dark mages, Audrey and Callan are forced to put their war on hold and instead work together. They have one chance to stop the self-righteous heroes before it is too late, but their mutual animosity is bound to get in the way of the mission. And the problem with blazing feelings like hatred is that it only takes one spark to turn it into burning passion.

Audrey and Callan's temporary union is undoubtedly a dangerous one. To the world. And most of all, to their own ruthless hearts.


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