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The Beautiful Liar

Fantasy book The Beautiful Liar by Marion Blackwood.png

After her showdown with Mordren Darkbringer, Kenna's life has gotten even more complicated and dangerous. It certainly doesn't help that the tenuous peace between the courts is threatened by an upcoming tournament in the Court of Fire. Old rivalries between the elven princes flare up as a result of it, and anyone who gets too close risks getting burned.

In the middle of this rising tension, Kenna has to try and figure out how she fits into it all. But in a world where everyone has a secret agenda, trust is scarce, and one wrong move can have disastrous consequences. So when Kenna is approached with a proposition that is both intriguing and highly lucrative, she grudgingly joins forces with the Prince of Shadows. Keep your enemies close, and all that.

Can Kenna and Mordren set aside their differences long enough to accomplish their mission? Or will their heated emotions ruin a shot at revenge and set their whole world ablaze?


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