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The Desperate Gamble

Fantasy book The Desperate Gamble by Marion Blackwood.png

A crucial mission forces Kenna and her allies into a highly unpredictable and dangerous environment. In order to save their home, they will have to navigate a culture they do not understand and trust people who have no reason to help them. But without assistance, they will never succeed.

Thrust into a desperate plot, Kenna and her friends will have to rely on each other more than ever. However, with every increasingly risky situation, long-held secrets threaten to spill into the light. The truth might irrevocably alter relationships, but holding on to the lie could mean their deaths.

With the fate of their entire homeland on their shoulders, they will have to risk it all to make their scheme work. But betrayal and secrets lurk around every corner. Can they keep their friendships intact while they carry out this impossible mission? Or will some bonds change forever?


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Are you looking for the bonus scene at the end of The Desperate Gamble? You can find it here:

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