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The Lethal Deception

Fantasy book The Lethal Deception by Marion Blackwood.png

Ever since the High Elves landed on the coast, they have insisted that they are solely there to establish diplomatic relations, but the underlying threat of their presence has been felt throughout the lands. Danger lurks around every corner, and all it would take is one spark to ignite a war.

Groups who worship the High Elves as gods are spreading quickly through the courts, and with no easy way to deal with them, Kenna and the others find themselves in the middle of what looks an awful lot like an invasion. In this politically precarious landscape, Kenna's circumstances rapidly worsen as enemies start appearing from both without and within.

When push comes to shove, there might not be a way to defuse the situation. How can Kenna and her friends keep each other safe when there are no good options left?


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Are you looking for the bonus scene at the end of The Lethal Deception? You can find it here:

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