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The Wicked Betrayal

Fantasy book The Wicked Betrayal by Marion Blackwood.png

After the events surrounding the Dagger of Orias, Kenna believes that her circumstances could not possibly get any worse. But fortune is a cruel mistress. Unexpected betrayal throws her life into turmoil, and while she is still trying to recover from the shock, she also has to somehow come up with a plan to save her life.

The idea is simple. And dangerous beyond belief. In order to get out of the desperate situation she has ended up in, Kenna is going to take on Mordren Darkbringer. But the Prince of Shadows is not new to this game. He is a skilled opponent who is known for his ability to bring his enemies to their knees, and he would like nothing better than to make Kenna surrender to him.

With her whole future on the line, Kenna has to pull off the scheme of her life or lose everything she has ever worked for. Who will win when a blackmailer spy goes head to head with a lethal elven prince?


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